Artist statement

I loved paper cutouts ever since I was a child, and I often lost track of time playing with them. Even after I became an adult, expressing myself with paper cutouts still attend me and makes me continue enjoy to create works.Texture of papers, sense of cutting them, and ways that paper changes its form and expression fascinate me tremendously.

In my creative process, I start with drawing a rough sketch for cutout. I spend more time for sketching than cutting papers. There are several things to be aware of when I draw: composition and balance of black and white, and effectiveness of lines. I layer the sketch over black paper and attach four corners with adhesive tape. Then I compete the work by cutting two sheets of papers along with the sketch.Many people may consider that cutting something is an intense work, but to me, the act of cutting allows me to feel free and to be filled with joy. It is like playing the score which I create with concentration, then playing with joy.

I aim at the expression to individualize energy with simple composition.The motifs in my works are often inspired by living things. I observe them and draw as if I express their energy.Black and white, which I use in my works, contradict each other and emphasize opposite factors of life, such as strength and daintiness or brightness and darkness.I believe combination of the contradictory factor is the energy of life. I intend to express that energy and beauty with paper cutouts.